Admire Small Business

Owning your own business can be very scary and yet very rewarding. I do not own one myself, however I have watched some of my family and friends do just that. Two of which I want to highlight today. One business is a hard-working young lady who recently finished school and started her own business… Continue reading Admire Small Business


Just before the new path

I went into work yesterday to start the final full week of work with the pet store. However when I went into work the store leader came to me with a question. Since they just hired someone else and do not have enough payroll hours to give them hours to train they asked if I… Continue reading Just before the new path

Vacation… is it here yet?!

We are about one and a half months from our vacation. This year we will be spending a week in California for a family reunion. It involves mainly the husbands parents and their children. So that family member's can meet and reconnect. My husband has four siblings, and his oldest sibling and only brother I… Continue reading Vacation… is it here yet?!

Confusion and more in the week!

So, I applied for Medicaid for the time that I was on maternity leave due to lower-income. I recently received confirmation the status to the request and am and was so confused. Three letters came in from the place, all giving some different information, One said that I was approved and it will be retro… Continue reading Confusion and more in the week!