Vacation… is it here yet?!

We are about one and a half months from our vacation. This year we will be spending a week in California for a family reunion. It involves mainly the husbands parents and their children. So that family member’s can meet and reconnect. My husband has four siblings, and his oldest sibling and only brother I have not yet meet in the 7 years that I have been with my spouse. It’s hard when everyone is in different states and is costly to fly/drive/whatever to see another.

The older brother has a set of twins and 4 other children in which I have not meet. My husband has not meet the youngest 3 of the 6 children, so this will be an adventure for us all. Meeting new family members and all. They are eager as much as us to play at the Ocean and they may even go to a theme park. That adventure we may pass up since our two kids are a little young for that adventure.

CM, my husband, has 3 sisters two older and one younger. The middle sister has a boy 3 years older than LM. So for CM parents there 9 grandchildren in which most of them will be meeting for either the first time or maybe even just a handful of times. Since I have never meet CM brother and all 6 of his children will be new faces for me and for our two boys. SM however will not remember this I don’t think since he will only be 5 months old.

We only have a few ideas of things that we want to see and do out there. We are obviously going to be meeting up with family. All want to go to the ocean. I have been thinking of going to the La Brea tar pits because LM loves dino’s. We may even hit the Science Center in LA. It has a lot of interactive exhibits that I’m sure the kids will enjoy.

I will also go to the famed In-n-Out as I miss their grub, and go to Yoshinoya  which CM family says they have never been. I shall share my southern California knowledge with them. It has been a long time since I have been in Cali, I miss it. I just don’t want to live there, It is so expensive.

CM and I are also going to go on some hikes, might even go up to Big Bear and roam around their. They did have a zoo when I was there, it wasn’t a big zoo and was mostly native animals that couldn’t live out in the wild anymore. Go around to the local shops and just explore.

I am not sure what else I should see while I am out in California. I am sure we will find some thing to do. Although suggestions are always welcome. Well, here is to counting down the days to vacation and meeting new family.


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